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Team at a Glance

Type a summoner name into the box above. You can see how you and your opponents stacked up to one another in previous games!

Know thy Enemy

Spy on enemy summoners as your game loads! Do they play aggressively? Maybe they're on a losing streak?


Beta Phase 2!

Thank you for participating in the beta for League of Asia. If you find something wrong, please e-mail us.

What's new:

  • Better! Faster! Stronger! We've added a lot of server capacity and optimized so many things. We are still in beta, but the site should now be a lot more reliable for everyone.
  • Game History Details. We are in the process of remaking the match details pages. In the mean time, we've moved some of that information to each match summary and added several more useful stats there. Click any match title to see it in action.
  • Bug fixes. Users reported problems with kanji and white space in summoner searches. These issues have been fixed. Please help us test it.
  • Translations. A translation into Chinese has begun, and you can try it now by tapping the flag at the top of the page. If you see a [?] mark, you can click it to help us with the translation effort.

Known Issues:

  • Match Overview: Teammate name display. We have temporarily disabled the display of fellow teammate names for all regions because Wen broke them.
  • Real Time Stats. We are working to include real time stats as a feature. It is unknown if this will be possible, as the data may not exist in the API.
  • Internet Explorer 8 and below. We will not be supporting IE8. Please upgrade or replace your browser.
  • Gingerbread Browser Users on some older Android phones are reporting layout glitches. We are working to address these, but it is worth upgrading to Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Dolphin because the old "Browser" app was discontinued in 2012.

This site is humbly supported by generous users who turn their ad-blockers off.

League of Asia

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